Sunday, September 16, 2012

Decorative Stamping

Decorative Stamping - wall, wood, and fabric

Did you know that your Stampin' Up! rubber stamps can be used to decorate your walls, wood, or fabric? Yep! Think about how cute you can make the walls in your kids' rooms, picture frames, or tshirts!

First, decide what stamps and design you would like you create. I suggest planning it out on paper first and making sure you get it the way you want. Lightly mark your work surface with a pencil.

Then apply acrylic paint (using a foam brush) to your rubber stamp. If you want to shade the stamp, apply different layers (using the Craft Stampin' Pads) to the stamp before placing it on smooth fabric or wood.

Stamp the image firmly, then pull the stamp directly away from the wall, or lift directly up from a horizontal surface. Do NOT pull the stamp away at an angle!

Then allow your project to dry and enjoy!!

Happy Stampin',
Jennifer @jennsavstamps

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